Germain Robin Video

Germain Robin Brandy asked us to make a wood print for their new label. Then they wanted to make a video of the process. This is the result. What a great experience. We had so much fun and you MUST try the Germain Robin. It's amazing!

Click on the image below to watch the Video, see the process and learn all about "sinker redwood"

Birth of an Icon


Taimi's Krenov Article

Bob and Taimi met while studying under the tutelage of legendary woodworker and teacher, James Krenov and remained close to James and his wife Britta until the end of their lives. Taimi has written an article about Krenov and his creative spaces which has been published by World Futures. You can read the article by clicking on the title below:

A Long and Consistent Life of Creating: James Krenov, Cabinetmaker and Teacher


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